About Us and Deaerators

Tray type deaerating systems

US Deaerator manufactures tray type deaerating systems sized from 20,000 PPH to 1,000,000 PPH capacity for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Our deaerators are custom built to your requirements and are always designed for minimum 50 PSIG ASME code construction. Our standard design offers the simplicity and reliability of the spray pipe with no moving parts but spray valves are available as an option. Our trays are constructed of heavy gauge metal and are available in a range of stainless alloy materials to suit your needs.

Boiler feed systems

We manufacture custom boiler feed systems, either free standing or in conjunction with a deaerator. A wide variety of feed pumps are available, either constant speed or variable speed, along with custom control panels and automatic recirculation systems. Pumps can be skid mounted with suction and discharge headers pre-piped containing all valves, flow monitoring and pressure gauges.

Custom condensate return packages and steam operated storage water heaters

Custom condensate return packages are available with steel or stainless steel tanks, pumps, piping and controls. Units can be arranged and sized according to your needs.

Steam operated storage water heaters are also available in horizontal or vertical configuration, skid mounted and complete with all controls for any flowrate or temperature rise.